BlackMagic Intensity Pro and Premiere CC not working together

Over the last year I have been making the switch from Final Cut Pro to Premiere and for the most part I’m very happy. In September I signed up for Creative Cloud and it has been great. The one thing that has been a major issue is that I cannot get my Blackmagic Intensity Pro to work with Premiere CC (or After Effects CC, or any other CC app that uses the Blackmagic card). I didn’t notice it right away because I had some CS6 projects that I wanted to finish in CS6. My first CC project was DSLR and iPhone footage and that is when I first noticed the problem. At first I thought it was an issue with the footage not being compatible with my sequence settings so I changed those to various cocktails and I still couldn’t get a signal to my external monitor. As a test, I brought some of the same clips into Premiere CS6 and Final Cut Pro and everything worked like it’s supposed to work. I had a signal through my external monitor and sound through my mixer. I then compared the output/Blackmagic settings between the 3 NLEs and they appeared to be the same. I did some forum digging and noticed a lot of people having the same problem but not a lot of people having a solution.

This week, I updated to the latest Blackmagic drivers (they came out last week) and I have a bit of a workaround now, but it’s not a solution. If I take a clip and drag it to the new sequence button on the bottom right hand corner of the bin window, I can get a sequence that sends the signal through the BM card. I can change any setting and it still works. But, if I make a sequence and then add media, there’s no signal. If I need to be conscious about how to make a new sequence for future projects, then so be it, but I have 2 projects that I need to be able to preview on my external monitor. It also works if I open a CS6 project in CC.

I have tried all of my tricks and all of the ones suggested (uninstalling, reinstalling, new drivers, old drivers, etc..) and I cannot figure this out. I know the card works. I have been on the phone with Adobe and Blackmagic and all I have gotten out of that is that they’re blaming each other. I also had an Adobe tech tell me the Blackmagic drivers aren’t compatible with CC or CS6. I’m sure there is some setting deep down in some menu that I’m overlooking or something simple that I’m blanking on, but I cannot figure this out.

Mac Pro 2 x 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (2009)
AMD Radeon HD 7950
OSX 10.8.5
Blackmagic 9.9.3
Latest version of Premiere CC
Transmit is enabled (that seems to be the first thing everyone suggests checking)

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